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PokerGalaxy Terms & Conditions
Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) govern the customer’s (a “Customer” or “you”) use of the InTouch Poker online poker product, the InTouch Casino online casino product and associated services.
Throughout these Terms and Conditions, any reference to the “Company”, “we”, or “us” refers collectively to:

• InTouch Poker Limited, a private limited liability company registered in Malta, with company registration number C44236, having registered offices at Vincenti Buildings, Suite 623, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta, VLT 1432, Malta; and to

• InTouch Casino Limited, a private limited liability company, registered in Malta with company registration number C44237, having registered offices at Vincenti Buildings, Suite 622, 14/19 Strait Street, Valletta, VLT 1432, Malta.

Our poker software provider, Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd, our casino software provider, Boss Media Malta Casino Ltd and our payment services and account management provider, Webdollar AB, are also parties to these Terms and Conditions.
By ticking the acceptance box for terms and conditions on registration, you are deemed to fully understand and agree to comply with these Terms and Conditions. Changes to these Terms and Conditions may occur from time to time and the most recent version will always be displayed on the website. On each subsequent login you are deemed to have accepted the prevailing terms and conditions.

1. Gaming Services Provider

InTouch Poker Ltd operates under license number LGA/CL3/412/2007 issued by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority (“LGA”) on 21st January 2010, after operating under a provisional license originally issued on the 2nd December 2008.
InTouch Casino Ltd is fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority and operates under license number LGA/CL1/617/2009, issued on 21st January 2010.
InTouch Poker and InTouch Casino use software provided, respectively, by Boss Media Malta Poker Ltd (LGA/CL4/206/2005) and Boss Media Malta Casino Ltd (LGA/CL4/315/2007), both regulated by the LGA.

The Lotteries and Gaming Authority is a public single regulatory body that is responsible for the governance of all forms of gaming in and from Malta.

Payment and account management services are provided by Webdollar AB.
We take our customers seriously and aim to provide you with the very best in gaming experience and customer support.

2. Player Obligations

Participation in the online poker and casino games (collectively the “Games”) is open to residents of legal age in a jurisdiction of residence, where the Games are not prohibited. A person who participates in the Games is hereafter called “Player”. By launching the client application, opening an account, use and re-use of such an account, participation in the Games, or acceptance of any prize, Player represents, warrants and certifies that Player fully understands the standards and laws, as such standards and laws relate to the Games, of the community/legal jurisdiction where he/she is resident.

For the sake of clarity, it is your responsibility to ensure that the laws of the country in which you are resident or are located permit you to participate in the Games. You must not participate in the Games where it is illegal or otherwise prohibited in your country. Any such illegal participation is void. For avoidance of doubt you may not participate in the Games if you are resident in the following territories, though this list is not exhaustive:

- United States of America
- Canada
- US Virgin Islands
- US Minor Outlying Areas
- Turkey

We use automated checking on the site, including but not limited to the recognition of the geographical location of your IP address. We reserve the right to close your account if you in any way attempt to disguise or prevent us from identifying the IP address of the computer that you use to access our site.

3. Registration

You must not participate or seek to participate in the games unless you have registered with the Company or have been specifically granted permission to do so as a guest by the Company. We reserve the right to withhold payment to any player pending verification of the player’s identity.

The Player must complete the registration process and accept these Terms and Conditions personally, during which process the Player is obliged to submit valid contact details (name, surname, address, email and telephone number). We reserve the right to refuse a player on registration at our discretion. However, any previously entered contractual agreements will be honoured. Only one account per person is permitted. This is necessary to prevent abuse of any and all bonuses. It is strictly prohibited to sell/transfer or acquire an account.
No person under the age of 18 or below the legal age according to their jurisdiction of residence shall be entitled to participate in the Games. We reserve the right to ask for proof of age and evidence to verify your identity at any time and will be carrying out regular checks of our members. We reserve the right to conduct checks against any of the details provided to us and pursue this information through any channels and methods available to us. Failure to provide substantiated proof of age or other requested information will result in the suspension of your account. Any monies due or requested during this time will be withheld unless the requested information is provided.

You hereby confirm that all information provided to us in your registration and in connection with your account is complete, accurate and not misleading and you agree to inform us immediately if there is any change to such information. This can be done by e-mailing us at support@theplayerzone.com.

During registration you will choose a username, nickname and password for security purposes. The password that you choose must be kept private and secure by you at all times. Failure to do so could lead to unauthorised activities on your account. Transactions made using your account username and password are accepted by us on the understanding that you are playing the Games. If an alternative source has accessed your account and we are not informed, we accept no liability for monies or information lost or misused. Please note that the nickname you choose cannot be changed under any circumstances. However, if you choose an offensive nickname, or one which we deem to be advertising, we reserve the right to change this to a nickname of our choice.
We commit not to share, sell, lease or lend your personal data or details regarding your winnings/losses with any third party unless it is necessary to do so for processing fund transactions and/or such information disclosure is required by law. The data is kept strictly confidential and the information is stored in a secure environment. We may share customers’ personal information with our affiliate partners, but only if the customer signed up to the Company through that partner and has thereby approved sharing such information. Please refer to our Privacy Policy provides further details and should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.

We reserve the right to refuse to register you and/or to suspend and/or terminate your registration and/or account at any time in each case in our sole and absolute discretion including but not limited to; if there is manipulation of our financial system, cheating, abuse of your account or suspicion thereof; breach or suspected breach of any applicable law, regulation; if you have ‘charged back’ any of the purchases made with your credit card; if you cause to be published on, and/or send via, our website/engage in the any actual or potentially defamatory, offensive or obscene language via the chat facility; if you allow someone else (intentionally or unintentionally) to use your account or if you are in breach of any of our terms and conditions.

Should you wish to permanently close your account, you can do so by personally contacting the support team at support@theplayerzone.com.
From 1st April 2011, we will introduce a charge of €5 per calendar month ("Inactive Account Fee") to users if:

(a) there has been no log in recorded on the users account for 12 consecutive months or more (i.e. no "Account Activity"); and

(b) the users account is in credit.

The Inactive Account Fee will be withdrawn from the users account balance on a monthly basis to the extent that the users account remains in credit and only for the period during which there remains no Account Activity after the initial 12 month period has passed. If the Inactive Account Fee is due to be withdrawn from the users account and the account balance is less than €5 (or equivalent currency), the Inactive Account Fee shall comprise the remaining funds in the account.

If within 3 months of the last inactive account fee the user engages in Account Activity, we will reimburse the user upon request* the amount charged, up to a maximum of six months’ Inactive Account Fee.

*the user will need to both send an email to support@theplayerzone.com and engage in Account Activity within 3 months of their last inactive account fee in order to be eligible for reimbursement.

If no account activity has been recorded on a User’s account for thirty (30) months, the Company will remit the balance (minus any inactive account fees incurred during this time) in that account to the User, or if the User cannot be satisfactorily located, to the LGA. No claim shall lie against a licensee who has remitted the balance in a player’s account to the LGA. In the event a User contacts the Company after the said period, the User will be directed to the LGA, who in turn will require proof of identity in order to return any balances.
You may instruct us to exclude you from participation in the Games by sending us an e-mail to support@theplayerzone.com with your instructions, or by sending a registered letter to InTouch Customer Services, 1 Down Place, London, W6 9JH. Use of this opt-out facility will result in your account being blocked. To reactivate your account we will require confirmation from you in writing by letter, fax or email. Your account will immediately be blocked on request and reconnection will take not less than 7 days from receipt of confirmation.
We reserve the right to use a customer’s nickname/or first name and last initial for use in conjunction with existing or future promotions. You can however opt out of any promotions by contacting our Customer Service department. Their email address is support@theplayerzone.com.

4. Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits into and withdrawals from your Player account are processed by our payment management services provider, Webdollar AB (“Webdollar”). Webdollar’s rules governing transactions are displayed in the Webdollar Cashier, and form part of these Terms and Conditions.
The payment options available through the Webdollar cashier are detailed within the “Deposit Withdrawal Options” section of this website, which should be read in conjunction with these Terms and Conditions.
All WebDollar transactions are subject to a security audit. When using the Webdollar cashier, Your IP address will be recorded to help identify you and protect your funds. Transactions are checked to prevent money laundering and fraud. Suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities, including the LGA.

Players shall not treat the licensee as a financial institution nor expect interest on their deposits. Players should only deposit funds they intend to use in connection with participation in the Games. Amounts deposited and attempted to be withdrawn by you without being used for gaming purposes may be viewed as indicative of money laundering and could result in your account being locked and the funds being seized.

Amounts may only be remitted to the same card or account from which funds were paid into the player’s account.
For security reasons, WebDollar limits the single-occasion or accumulated amount customers may deposit or withdraw from their WebDollar account using a specific payment method at a specific time. Click the button labeled “Deposit” or “Withdrawal” within the Webdollar cashier to view your current limits according to payment method. These limits are individual, and based on your transaction history. If your transaction history with WebDollar is longer than 6 months you may apply to have your limits increased by sending an e-mail to limits@webdollar.com.
In accordance with Regulation 36 of the Malta Remote Gaming Regulations, prior to processing aggregate withdrawals in excess of €2,000, a Customer’s identity, age and place of residence must be verified. We reserve the right to withhold any monies requested when aggregate withdrawals exceed €2,000 until the requested information is provided.

You may instruct us to limit your deposits by sending us an e-mail to support@theplayerzone.com with your instructions, or by sending a registered letter to InTouch Customer Services, 1 Down Place, London, W6 9JH. The limits will be imposed immediately upon receipt of your instructions. If you wish to remove self imposed deposit limits, you must inform us by e-mail or registered letter and the limits will be removed not less than 7 days from receipt of your request.

5. Chat Rules

You agree to strictly abide by the following chat rules when using the chat function on the poker site. Any decision to block a player from being able to participate from entering the Chat Facility is at our discretion. The aim of the Chat Facility is to create a friendly, respectful and welcoming environment for all players.
You shall not use indecent or foul language; you shall not harass, slander or abuse other players; you shall not make racial, sexual or ethnic comments of any kind whatsoever.
All conversations are logged and recorded. Any attempt to use the chat facility, or any other separate facility for the purpose of collusion is strictly prohibited and any suspicious chat will be reported to the authorities.

You shall not solicit any other players with requests for money, for example by requesting donations to any charitable cause and the like.
The Company shall have no liability to players for any activity occurring in the Chat Facility which may cause any player to suffer loss, damage or distress of any kind.

6. Copyright

Any downloading, use or copying of our website materials including graphics, text, concepts, methodologies is strictly prohibited and, in particular, you agree to use the website materials solely for your own personal, non-commercial use and specifically not for any business, commercial or public purpose.
The deployment within this website of any spider, robot, web crawler or other automated query program; and the re-use and/or aggregation of any of the website materials in the provision of a commercial service is strictly prohibited.

7. Wager Rules and Limitations of Liability

You fully accept that the random number generator software (RNG), hosted on BOSS Media’s servers, will determine the outcome of the Games. The RNG software is periodically checked and approved by external IT experts as are our accounting and financial systems.

We reserve the right to refuse the whole or part of any wager at our discretion, and to terminate game events and thereby prevent a Player’s participation in the Games at our discretion.
You agree that the Company’s decision will be final and binding on all matters in relation to wagering, or your eligibility for a prize or claim, and our transaction records shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any wagers you place and the circumstances in which they were made. The Company’s liability in respect of any claim or loss shall be limited to the stake paid by you.

Whilst we use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that information displayed on our website and within the Game clients is accurate, we accept no liability for any errors in information relating to casino odds or payouts.

We will not be liable for damages which may be caused by the interception or misuse of your credit card details on the Internet to the extent that such interception or misuse has been caused by events outside of our operation and control.
In event of miscarried or aborted casino games, the player can use the ‘unfinished game’ button to reinstate previous wagers in instant casino games, whilst the system will restore automatically upon the next attempted bet when using the download client. Players cannot manually close the window from within the software during a spin cycle of an active bet.
In the event of a poker server crash that removes all players from the table or prevents the hand from continuing, the hand will be considered dead (void) and all monies will be returned to all players. In the event the game pushes the pot to the wrong player or misreads the winning hand, poker support service members will correct the error by adjusting the players’ accounts within 24 hours.

Any form of collusion, cheating or fraudulent practice, or otherwise any other criminal activity, in connection with access to or use of the Games is forbidden. Under no circumstances are players to attempt to transfer funds to other players.
Fraud, Collusion, Improper behaviour and Unlawful activities:

In the event that the Company has reasonable grounds for suspecting that the User has been involved in any fraudulent, improper, collusive, misleading, fixing, manipulative or other unlawful activity in relation to the User’s participation in any of the Games including but not limited to use of any software-assisted methods or techniques or hardware devices for the participation in any of the Games or manipulation of the Company’s gaming system, or that the User has colluded or attempted to collude with another user of the Games or has been participating in the act of intentionally losing money to another player (chip dumping), or has provided incorrect information, the Company shall be entitled to take such action as it deems appropriate, including without limitation, immediately blocking the User from accessing the Games, terminating the User’s Account, locking the User’s gaming account, seizing all funds in the User’s account and invalidating any bets placed by the User utilizing such fraudulent methods.

Locked accounts:

If a User’s gaming account has been locked due to the Company having had reasonable grounds for suspecting that the User has been involved in any fraudulent, improper, collusive, misleading, fixing, manipulative or other unlawful activity in relation to the User’s participation in any of the Games as set out above under the section “Fraud, Collusions, Improper behavior and Unlawful activities”, the Company will unlock the User’s gaming account if the User lodges a complaint and provides the Company with reasonable proof that the User has not been involved in the aforementioned unlawful activities. The User must provide such reasonable proof to the Company latest within six (6) months from the date the gaming account was locked. Otherwise the User has lost the right to the funds in the locked gaming account and the funds will be seized by the Company. The procedure for lodging a complaint is set out under the section “General Terms” below.
8. Game Rules and Bonus Promotions
The Game Rules form part of these terms and conditions and can be found on the ‘Learn to Play’ section of the website.
From time to time we may operate a bonus promotion. We reserve the right to determine the member qualification criteria of all bonus promotions. Our bonus promotion terms can be found in the Promotions section of the website and are deemed to be incorporated into these terms and conditions.
Prize-winners grant us the right to use and publish their user name online and in print in any other media in connection with the game. Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for us to use a winner’s name for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.

9. General Terms

We may, at our sole discretion, make any changes to any of the Games, timetables, schedules and/or the dates on which any promotions are promoted and we also reserve the right to alter, amend or withdraw these terms and conditions and terms and conditions of other promotions at our discretion. We will use our reasonable endeavours to notify you of any such changes which are material.
We shall not be responsible for any viruses, bugs, cancel-bots, errors or defects in any of our games, systems, software or services which affects your enjoyment of the service or causes any damage to your computer or other personal property. Equally, whilst we use all reasonable endeavours to provide uninterrupted access to the service, we shall not be liable for any downtime which you suffer during your use of the Games.
Should you need to contact the Company, we have a dedicated customer service team that is always ready to assist you. You can contact one of our customer service advisors directly via live chat or email as detailed in the “Support” section of the website. Our advisors are available from 09:00 – 23:00 GMT, Monday – Saturday and 09:00 – 01:00 GMT on Sunday. You can also find the answers to the most common queries by visiting the online FAQ section of this website. You have the right to bring any unresolved disputes to the attention of the LGA by email at


If any part of these terms is found by a court of competent jurisdiction or other competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable then such part will be severed from the remainder of these terms, which will continue to be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law.

These terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta and the language that will prevail in case of interpretation is English. You irrevocably agree that the courts of Malta shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any dispute arising in relation to these terms. However, we retain the right to bring legal proceedings in any jurisdiction where we believe that infringement of our intellectual property rights or breach of these terms is taking place or originating.

Version 5.3

Last edited on 1st March 2011.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@theplayerzone.com.